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Create a parent account that allows you to view all of your students with one account. You can also manage your account preferences. Learn more.

Portal Time-Out

The student/parent portal automatically logs users out after 30 minutes of inactivity as a security measure. If a survey will take longer than 30 minutes to complete, remember to use the "Save for Later" function if available on surveys (not all forms will have this) to both save your place as well as to prompt PowerSchool to recognize activity, which resets the timer.

Create Only One Access Account

Parents/Legal Guardians: it is not necessary to create individual separate accounts for each of your children. Please create only ONE account then add each of your students to that same account. If you have created multiple accounts and would like to consolidate access to your children under a single account, please contact for assistance.

Parent Portal Login Assistance

Please use the Forgot Username or Password link above the Sign In button if you do not remember your PowerSchool password.

If you do not have a login for PowerSchool or you need additional assistance, please send an email to

International Academy East: For historical academic records such as report cards and transcripts, please contact IAE directly. Troy's PowerSchool support does not have access to IAE's academic records.

This email address is for support specifically related to PowerSchool only. If you need assistance with other technology, such as iPads or apps, please contact the Technology Department instead. Contact information is available on the district Website.