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End of Year Rollover 7/31/21 - 8/1/21

PowerSchool will be unavailable during the weekend of July 31 - August 1, 2021 for end-of-year rollover and other server/system maintenance.

Also, PowerSchool will be upgraded to version 21.4 at the same time. For teachers, parents, and students, changes will be minor, including some icon updates and consolidation of personal preference settings. Some new features will be available in PowerTeacher Pro. Overviews will be provided during Welcome Back activities.

Long-Term Substitutes:

If you are subbing for a teacher on leave, please remember to request your building office staff to submit a ticket to have your own log-in account created and enabled. Accounts for teachers on leave are disabled upon notification from Employee Services.

Teachers: please do not give your account credentials to another staff member, as this is a security hazard.